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How Natural Soap is Made?

Ever wondered how all-natural soap, be it in bar or liquid form, come to life? The secret lies in an age-old chemical reaction called saponification.

Saponification is the enchanting process that unfolds when fats or oils (fatty acids) meet an alkali or base. The term "saponification" itself draws its origins from the Latin word "sapo" and the Celtic word "saipo," both signifying "soap." Simply put, saponification is the art of soap making, and it revolves around these two key ingredients - fats and (lye) alkali. Remember, without lye, there is no soap!

In the past, soap makers relied on animal fats and wood ash lye for their craft. However, soap made with such materials often had a harsh reputation, as soap makers lacked consistent lye strength and advanced tools to perfect the fatty acid-to-lye ratio. To ensure a successful soap-making process, they frequently used excess lye, resulting in highly alkaline soap notorious for its skin-damaging effects.

Today, we employ sodium hydroxide (for bar soap) and potassium hydroxide (for liquid soap) in combination with a diverse range of plant-based oils and butters. While these oils might make our soap pricier than commercial counterparts or animal fat-based soaps, they come with a wealth of nutrients and vitamins that promote healthier skin. Moreover, glycerin, a natural by-product of saponification, attracts and locks in moisture, offering a conducive environment for our skin barrier to stay healthy or heal.

Most commercial soaps strip glycerin from their products, reserving it for more expensive cosmetics. This practice is why commercial soap often leaves your skin dry and parched, necessitating creams and lotions to mitigate the damage. Additionally, commercial soaps and detergents often contain phosphates that harm the environment.

To create perfectly balanced soap that pampers your skin, My Naked Bar’s soaps are formulated with additional oils to replenish after cleansing is done. Our soaps are a moisture-rich marvel, safe for all, from delicate baby skin to individuals with various skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

In essence, the alchemy of all-natural soap is a fusion of science and luxury, providing you with a nurturing and eco-conscious choice that not only cares for your skin but also safeguards the environment. Experience the difference of true all-natural soap, where every bar tells a story of chemistry and care.

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