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Pore Clarifying Deep Cleansing Charcoal Soap Bar for Removing Black Heads



This is a good looking bar crafted out of activated charcoal and scented with tea tree essential oil.


Great for use on face and body. Helps with removing excess sebum and blackhead for oily skin and reduce the appearance of pores.



Black or White? Neither. Cos these days, it is no longer easy to tell which is the correct way and which is wrong. Especially in the areas of sustainability, is a new cotton tote bag better than a disposable single use plastic bag? Is an electric car better than our regular car that runs on petrol? But what about the end of life battery? What are the 'costs' of their disposal and will it cost the planet more than what it replaced?


More often than not, we really have no answer. As a consumer, we do not have the means to measure or verify the true life cycle costs of a product that we buy or use. Our biggest fear is that we jump into new solutions only to create a bigger issue later, unintentionally.


Nothing is black or white....we may never know which is the best solution. So the mantra that we follow, is as Sir Attenborough suggests, just don't waste.


Reuse what we already own to the maximum they can offer, repurpose or upcycle if they serve a good new purpose, else rehome to better hands. All else fails, recycle if viable, if not, please dispose and not add to unnecessary carbon and load to the recycling chain.


Buy what we need and want, but do that mindfully. Choose quality, something that will last and we will enjoy for a long time. Let your dollars have a voice for your choice and our planet.


These are guidelines we remind ourselves...and strive to do better at. And we hope this bar gives all of us a gentle nudge to LOOK UP, evaluate impacts in a bigger picture so we can all make the best informed decision.


Essentially a simple bar with the usual goodness, but a deeper meaning, Suitable for face and body. 



Daily use on face and body.


Skin Types:

Normal to Oily Skin


Packaging Info:

All soap bars in the same order are packed together in a single upcycled milk carton. If you'd like specific bars to be packed individually/in pairs in separate milk cartons or in cellophane bags, please share requirements for gift packing and choose a gift tag.


To enjoy your soaps with breeze and help your bars last longer, consider checking out our soap accessories collection of Avant Garde soap dish or carbonised bamboo soap dish if you or your recipient don't already own a soap dish or bag suitable for cold process bar soap use.


Use the following promo codes if you are adding on a bamboo soap dish.


Bamboo Soap Dish

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Black or White -Pore Clarifying Soap Bar for Minimising Black Heads

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I love how easy it is to work up a good lather! This soap formulation helps to sooth my sensitive skin, and I will definitely buy more for personal use and for gifting! :)

via Etsy

My first time using a cold pressed (process) soap after having eczema ! First wash, my skin soften and have been using for 6 days, My skin didn’t crack or dry when using the soap unlike commercial soap ( which dry my eczema very badly )! Will definitely purchase again (:


via Etsy

Hi mynakedbar! Just want to tell you how well your cucumber aloe soap has worked for me. I tend to have heat rash around my knee back on hotter months like now. Even snake powder doesn't work for me and some times I need to get steroidal cream from doctor. Your soap has totally solved the problem as it calms the flare up areas so much! Thank you!!


via Instagram DM

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@mynakedbar soaps are bare of:
- Paraben
- Palm
- Preservatives
- Alcohol
- Synthetic fragrance
- Artificial colouring
- Animal Cruelty

- All unnecessary Packaging

Handcrafted, hand poured and hand cut in Singapore.
Every piece is unique and comes with a sustainable message.

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Life Span

Our soap bars lather easily and do not require a lot of water to activate the lather. To enjoy every bare longer:

1. Use just enough water to lather.
2. Air dry the bar well between showers with a well designed soap dish.

Shelf Life

Before use, keep the bar away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry environment.


As our bars are crafted with natural ingredients and scented only with 100% natural essential oils, they are best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase for the full experience.


While the scent may not last as long as soaps scented with synthetic fragrance, the lathering experience that the bar

offers continues to improve as you keep it over time. As long

as the bars do not smell bad, they can be used even beyond 2 years.

Allergy Concerns

@mynakedbar soaps contain tree nuts like sweet almond oil.
For any allergy concerns, please check the ingredient list, perform a patch test and/or consult your doctor prior to use.

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Flat rate of S$3.20 regardless of volume

2-5 working days

Free Shipping for Orders above S$50



Flat rate of S$5.00 regardless of volume

5-10 working days


All soaps are shipped almost package free in upcycled milk / juice / reused cartons contributed by the community. For gifting, please consider using existing materials you own. Alternatively, less waste ready-to-go gift packaging is available on a separate listing at a nominal cost.


We welcome custom orders of 10 bars and above.

As Cold Process soaps are handcrafted in small batches and require a minimum of 4-6 weeks of curing before they can be sold or used, please contact us at with your requirements a minimum of 2 months in advance.


Due to hygiene considerations, we do not accept returns of soaps.
If there are any concerns with your purchase, please reach out to us at


@mynakedbar, we hope to play our little part in advocating a less waste lifestyle and to open up more people to the goodness of all-natural cold process bars.

We are open to discuss possible collaboration with any like-minded businesses, small or big.

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