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Do you sometimes get stressed out realising your last bar of soap is so thin you wonder if it can last till the next shower, yet you've not had time to put in your order for new bars? We understand how hectic schedules are, and want to do our part to help.

If you have a favourite @mynakedbar soap from our #eczemafriendly series, you can now subscribe for a 6-months supply of the bar to be delivered right to your doorstep*. Alternatively, if you are undecided about which bar you prefer, or like a little fun in your everyday life, choose the 'Surprise me' bundle and let us send you different bars every time. 

This service is perfect too if you are ordering these for your parents who may not be familiar with online shopping. In case you are looking to add more items to your order and can wait for us to batch the delivery, enter 'ADDTOSUBSCRIPTION' in the promo code and highlight to us your subscription order #. Your ala carte order delivery fees will then be waived.

Enjoy 10% off the bars with the subscription service. 


*To minimise carbon footprint, 2 bars will be delivered every 2 months. 

Example Scenario:

Subscription starts Jan

Jan Payment 1 / 2 bars received

Feb Payment 2

Mar Payment 3 / 2 bars received

Apr Payment 4

May Payment 5 / 2 bars received

Jun Payment 6

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