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Breast Milk Soap Bar Custom Order

For mummies who are blessed with abundance of breast milk.

Turn this gift of nature into nourishing soap bars for the family.
Celebrate the beauty of nature.


Q: How much BM do I need to provide?

For every 10 bars, please prepare 300g of Frozen BM.

Q: How do we pass you the BM?

After sharing your requirements and confirming the order, please drop off your BM at our studio,

preferably by appointment on Wednesdays during #SoapExperienceOpenBar.

Q: How long does it take before we receive our BM soap?

After BM is dropped off, please expect 2 months before the soaps are despatched to you.

Q: How much does 1kg (10 bars) of soap cost?

Cost varies based on customisation. Please share your requirements via the form below and we'll get back to you on total costs.

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