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Sure Can! Bar Soap Starter Kit


A confident way of saying "Definitely Works!" in colloquial Singapore English, aka. Singlish.

So, what's so special about this starter kit?

My Naked Bar Sure Can! Bar Soap Starter Kit

This starter kit is designed to encourage more people to try out and adopt one of the easiest zero waste swap - from liquid shower detergent to bar soap, by helping new and lapsed users overcome their misconceptions and reservations around this new lifestyle, through their own experience.

MISCONCEPTION 1 - All bar soaps are drying

This is a myth that can only be dispelled after they try out a good bar of soap.

Hence the kit includes the top selling bar from our Eczema Friendly collection - Lavender Oatmeal.

A bar with a strong following from the young to the old. 

This bar not only contains glycerin that is naturally produced when crafted, it is formulated with avocado oil to nourish the skin after cleansing, and topped with organic oats to soothe even sensitive skin. While it is in no position to cure skin conditions, its ability to cleanse well yet leaving the skin supple paves the way to a smoother healing journey and also helps users with perfectly normal skin keep their skin barrier healthy,.

MISCONCEPTION 2 - Handmade soaps are hard to manage

There are some truth to this especially for cold process bars that contain natural glycerin as they tend to get infamously mushy when they come into constant contact with too much water.

BUT, with a very good soap dish, managing a soap bar can be a breeze. (This article may help)

Which is why this starter kit comes complete with our dream Avant Garde soap dish that is designed so well, we think it's the best soap dish in the world. All credits to the designer.

Made of high performance silicone, the bars do not stick to Avant Garde dishes even when wet        (this is a big nightmare with conventional soap dishes). In the event it does a little, the grooves behind the bars are wide enough for most fingers to go underneath the soap and gently nudge it out without damaging the bar.

Cleaning the dish is a breeze since there are no through gaps to scrub. After completing one bar of soap, simply submerge the whole dish into a small tub of water for 5 minutes and viola! you'll have an almost brand new soap dish after a quick rinse.

Why do we care?

As a sustainable brand, we cannot bear the thought of our bar soaps being used up faster than necessary (loads of good resources go into every single bar). It's a shame too if users prematurely exit the category because they were not guided to adopt the new lifestyle successfully. We believe we have a responsibility to handhold new and lapsed users, so this zero waste swap IS truly going to be low waste and make its impact for our planet.


Sustainability is the buzzword these days, from CSR initiatives, conferences, office & home setups, bazaars to gifting. But are we truly being sustainable? How do we make sure we do not 'chase' the trend with all the good intentions but end up with a greater negative impact for our planet? As corporations, small businesses and individual consumers, we all have the power to make the right choices.

When choosing a gift, besides possibly having the product replace a disposable, a big question to ask is, will the recipient have a use for the product? Is it likely that he or she already has the same item  (or in fact multiple of the same item at home) and may not get to use the gift at all? We are sure you wouldn't want your gift to end up as a clutter in their homes.

Being able to contribute to address this issue is a key impetus for us to put together this starter kit. Cos a bar of soap is a consumable that the recipient can definitely use up. But a bar alone for a recipient who doesn't already use a bar soap may possibly go to waste since he or she may not have a soap dish, much less a good one to start the use or be successful in it. And for existing bar soap users, the Avant Garde soap dish, a revolutionary design will be a great addition to their ongoing journey.

So our mission is for our Sure Can! Starter Kit to be considered by corporations and individuals as a truly sustainable gift that can help their recipient onto a low waste lifestyle with bar soaps. Our efforts alone as a small soap maker is insignificant, but when you join us in making that truly mindful gift choice, our collective efforts will have impact.

A Peek at our SURE CAN! Bar Soap Starter Kit

The Box

The kit is housed in a burger box made of rescued Sugarcane Pulp which is a waste by-product from the sugar refining industry. This choice is synonymous with our default #soapsinmilkcartons packaging meant not only to be low waste but also to stop people in their tracks, so they hopefully gain more awareness about our climate issues.

Pertinent information about the kit are printed on the outer sleeve to reduce the need for an elaborate product insert. Sleeve also bears a QR code leading to this page so browsers and recipients have access to understand how this kit came about.

The Wrap

This internal wrap completes the 'burger packaging' while serving as a protection for the soap and dish. Instead of having a logo sticker, we took the chance to have another playful jab with a stamp that say "STOP! This is food for the skin. DO NOT EAT!"

The Soap

Our bestseller - Lavender Oatmeal which is gender neutral and loved by users of all ages. Suitable for 2 years of age and above. This soap leaves the skin smooth and supple and can be used by all skin types.

These bars are formulated and handcrafted from scratch in small batches and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks.

The Dish

Choose from 2 colours of our Avant Garde soap dish - Sage Green or Desert Rose. Designed to make the use of cold process soap bars a breeze with optimum drainage and drying, as well as effortless cleaning. Best of all, it makes your bars last longer.

The Name

Truly Singaporean, this kit is put together by a Singapore mummy hoping to save a better planet for our children and all future generations. There's a tone of confidence, or perhaps over confidence in the name 'Sure Can!' We don't guarantee 100% success since individual habits and preferences differ, but we hope we've at least gotten your attention and increased the adoption and love of bar soaps  (in our circle of influence) by a few folds.

Ripple out to your Circle of Influence. Join our movement.

If you are a sustainable champion in your organisation, be it a corporation, school or is an individual and would like to join in our movement to help your recipients be successful in a journey of bar soaps, reach out to us at or share your requirements in the link below and we'll email you a quotation for consideration.

Every bar is handcrafted in small batches and has to cure for a minimum of 4 weeks so please give us a lead time for minimum 2 months, especially for bulk orders.

If bar soaps are not a suitable choice, then we ask that you consider gifting experiences or gift vouchers at a sustainable store so your recipient can select their own choice of gifts that they are more likely to use.

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