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My Naked Bar Teacher's Day Gift Soap Preorder

Our 2024 Teachers' Day Gift Preorder has closed
but you will still be able to order the soaps ala carte. 
Let us know in your order if you'd like the soaps to be wrapped with the Teachers' Day sleeve or
attached with a gift tag.

2024 Teachers' Day Preorder

“Experience the artistry of handcrafted soap made with love, care and designed with the environment in mind. Let us help you transition to this zero waste swap with ease and enjoy the pampering care from natural glycerin with every shower."

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We help users make one of the easiest zero-waste swaps to bar soaps and guide them on their journey for success.


Our hope is that everyone who wants to try a good bar of soap can find one that suits them.


Hence our extensive portfolio caters to a diverse group of users.

My Naked Bar Upcycled Milk Carton Packaging for 2 soaps


We challenge the status quo in regular and gift packaging to send a message. Less is more. 

Bigger is not always better.


We are excessively prudent in making sure we do not create any product that adds unnecessary waste to our planet.

We create with our

users in mind.


Best Sellers

Hear what others say

Turmeric Sunrise for eczema is effective, special and different from any I have used! Easily cleans my body, lathers & just wash off. Skin feels smooth & clean, don't itch anymore! Highly recommend!


My sister-in-law gifted us this wonderful and eco-friendly soaps. It really smells good. We are surprised that it comes in a reusable juice cartons. Fab! The soap really hydrates our skins, mine was dry while my hubby has sensitive skin and really feels-so-sofg. Kudos to you My Naked Bar SG.


Just want to tell you how well your cucumber aloe soap has worked for me. I tend to have heat rash around my knee back on hotter months like now. Even snake powder doesn't work for me and some times i need to get steroidal cream from doctor. Your soap has totally solved the problem as it calms the flare up areas so much! Thank you!!


I bought the matcha azuki beans quite some time ago and only started using now but I honestly feel like I'm gonna ditch all the facial cleanser already. It's soooo comfortable and I feel like I can see actual improvements in my sensitive skin as compared to those pricey products. Not to mention, I love how sustainable they are as compared to facial cleanser in tube!


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