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Thank you Teachers

2023 Teachers' Day Gift

What started as a search for low waste gifts for my children's educators led me onto a journey in                soap crafting. Beyond a hobby, I founded my naked bar as a passion career to advocate a low waste living

for our planet and our children's future.

This teachers' day, show your gratitude for the educators with consideration to our planet. No more need to rack your brains to find gifts that they don't already own, don't have too many of, or have no need for.


Consider gifting them handcrafted vegan bar soaps as a self-care gift that they can definitely put to good use. Choose single bars, double bar gift boxes or pair the bar with a soap dish as a thoughtful practical present especially for key teachers who have gone above and beyond for your child

and you are truly grateful for.

If you are looking to order >10 bars, enjoy 10% off the full loaf of the same soap (10 bars)

and we'll split them into individual gifts for you.

Choose from full or half bars.

Share any gift tagging or packaging requirements in your order.

(from $108 /10 full bars)
(from $65 /10 half bars)
(Teacher's Day Special
@$135 /10 salt scrub)
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