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My Naked Bar
Private Soapmaking Workshop

At My Naked Bar, we offer small private (2pax / 4pax / 6pax) DIY soap-making workshop where participants are guided to customise and handcraft your own soap bars from scratch. During the session, each participant will craft

1kg of soaps, equivalent to 10 bars which will be left in our studio for a full month curing

before they are sent to you. 


This is a hands-on but non-theoretical session designed to be a fun therapeutic workshop where

participants spend 2 hours bonding with your BFF, colleagues of family.

You will get the full experience of cold process soap making but the workshop may not

equip you adequately if you'd like to pursue soap making as a business.

This is also suitable for soap bar lovers to custom and craft your own soap plus

have fun at almost the same price of a full loaf of soap.

This workshop has to be conducted on-site at our studio since cold process soap making in Singapore 

requires NEA permit at location. We do not offer off-site melt and pour soap making that uses a ready soap base

as we focus on crafting our soap bars from scratch with full control over our ingredients.

The workshop will be conducted by the founder Li Ting who took a hiatus as a soap instructor since 2022

due to production demands and we are now offering limited workshops only on Fridays.

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