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Helping Hands

Join the Ripple Tribe

My Naked Bar was founded to advocate a low waste mindset amongst everyday Singaporeans in a playful, non judgement way so we can all contribute less to our planet's woes. Though we are small with limited resources, we believe we are able to ripple on the message by working together with fellow Singaporeans who are likewise passionate about the cause.

If you are open to volunteer your time, offer your skills and/or contribute milk cartons, join our community and be updated with volunteer / contribution request for help.

Volunteer Your Time

No skills needed. We are looking for sustainable minded people who have a passion to advocate the low waste mindset to individuals and corporations, as well as bar soap users who love to share their experience to help others onto the same journey. From time to time, we may also need extra pairs of hands to package soaps or be part of the production process. 

So whether you are a homemaker who would like to interact with more people at events, a corporate high flier who wants to have a change of pace to destress with more therapeutic and meaningful work at the studio (perhaps as a bonding with your friends), or a retired senior who wants to put your free time to good use, we welcome you to be part of our Ripple Tribe. Express your interest here.

Volunteer Your Skills

As a small business led by a solopreneur, we try our best in every aspect of the business but we definitely have loads of room to improve how we communicate and reach a wider audience, so we can achieve a greater impact with our message for the planet. If you are a tertiary student in the areas of marketing, design and/or communications passionate about sustainability and need to work with a eco company to complete your school project, you're welcome to reach out. 

Or if you are a freelancer who is looking to be more active in sustainability and is keen to lend your expertise, we will be most grateful. Express your interest and we'll reach out.

Lead a Long-Term Project to do good

We are currently seeking 1-2 long-term volunteers passionate about helping our planet + helping families with disabilities. If this sounds like a project you'd be motivated to lead, please register your interest in this Volunteer Interest Registration Form so we can reach out to share more information. This role will require leadership qualities to manage and lead different stakeholders, and organisational skill to setup processes for the project to run smoothly.

The initial 2 months may require more intensive involvement, after which the project should ideally run into a maintenance mode with less time demands.

Contribute Milk Cartons

We started our journey packaging our soap bars in milk cartons contributed by a neighbour and we continue to do so today for our soaps sold on our website, as well as eco stores, The Green Collective and Unpackt, using milk cartons contributed by the community all across Singapore.


If you are considering joining us as a contributor, please watch this video to make sure you can be committed to the requirements before starting the collection. Milk cartons collected can be dropped off outside our studio or at any of our pop up events. Please do DM us on our IG/FB prior to the drop off and consider batching the cartons and planning your route to do the drop off with minimal carbon footprint.


We welcome existing and new milk carton contributors to connect with us via this Volunteer Interest Registration Form if you'd like to be notified when we have an urgent request for more milk cartons to meet any sudden surge in demand.

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