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Mindful Gifting

Whether this is for your organisation or your personal gifting, consider sustainable, low-waste options that are friendly for our planet too

Thank you for considering a sustainable gift that is friendly for our planet.

Here's a step by step guide to help you find the best gift options based on your timeline and budget.

Do note that as all our soap bars are handcrafted in small batches and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks, adequate advance notice is required for higher volume orders esp. with customisation.

Timeline < 1 month

My Naked Bar Double Soap Gift Box.jpg

Shop from our curation of ready gift boxes and starter kits for all occasion.

Tell us which gift tag you prefer and we'll complete the gift for you.

OR, simply add to cart from our web store across all collections. If you need a handful more bars of particular soap that is not available on the store, DM us on IG or email us at and we'll see if we can do magic for you. Remember to include your packing instructions.

<100 evergreen bars


For <100 full/half bars of our evergreen soaps with no customisation,

we may be able to fulfill within 1.5 months depending on our schedule and ingredients on hand.

Drop us an email before placing your preorder in the link below.

Preorder available in 10s of the same soap flavour.

Wedding Favours
(min. 2 months advance)

Show heartfelt thanks to your wedding guests with a wedding favour that will less likely go to waste. A beautiful occasion to share your love for cold process bar soaps and our planet. 


Select one of your favourite bars from our collections or customise your own recipe. Opt for service add ons to make your special day extra special!

Bulk/Corporate Gifting
(min. 2 months advance)

Champion sustainability in your organisation with the right mindset changes. Be intentional with every choice of gifts for teams, volunteers and clients.


Gift the experience of a cold process soap bar to help them discover this easy zero waste swap that also promotes well being and skin health.


Required lead time increases with level of customisation and volume.

Breast Milk Soap Bar Custom Order

my naked bar soap IG 7 (20).png

A gift for yourself and your baby.

For mummies who are blessed with abundance of breast milk and would like to turn them into a loaf of nourishing soap bars for the family, we'd be happy to help you customise and craft them.

Need more inspiration?

Gifting need not just be physical bars.

Choose a gift card that not only presents soap bars but the whole shopping experience on our website. Let your recipients select the soaps most suited for their needs so the bars will be put to the best use.


Or gift a subscription from our Eczema Friendly soap bar collection for your loved ones with sensitive skin to help them discover a shower routine that may bring relief for their conditions.

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