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Customisation & Bulk Orders

Thank you for considering a sustainable gift that is friendly for our planet​.

If you'd like to order 10 or more bars of the same soap, please do so via the link below and enjoy up to 10% off your order. We will handcraft your bars from scratch and despatch them 2 months from your order date. If you need the soap bars earlier, e.g. 1-1.5 months, reach out to us at and we'll see if we are able to fulfil.

By default, every bar will be packaged individually in an upcycled milk carton. If you'd like us to pack 2 bars in a carton or add a gift tag for each box, please add a comment in your order. For other customisation, please fill up the form below.

For orders of 50 bars and above, please reach us at for bulk discounts.

Alternatively, custom build your gift boxes by pairing soap bars with bar soap accessories. 

Suitable for corporate gifting to customers, suppliers, and teams or individual gifting for special occasions e.g. wedding, graduation, birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas parties.​ Share your requirements with us and we'll get back to you with an initial proposal for discussion.

Prices start from $5+/standard half bars (~50g) wrapped with kraft paper.

For Gift Boxes/Sets, custom build by choosing from:
- Full Soap Bars - S$10 - $18 (retail price before bulk discount)
- Soap Dish - $12 - $15 (retail price before bulk discount)

- Upcycled Milk Cartons - Complimentary (for discussion for bigger volumes)

- Standard Kraft Sleeve - Complimentary

- Custom Design Sleeves +$0.50/bar (recommended only for 80 bars and above)

- Kraft gift box +$1+ 

- Burger Box (Sugarcane Pulp) with custom sleeve +$2
- Reusable Metal Gift Tin +$3- 

- Standard Gift Tags - Complimentary

- Custom Gift Tags - S$0.50/bar (recommended only for 80 bars and above)

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