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Health@Home Volunteers’
Get-Together 2023

Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time, they just have the heart.

Thank you for being ALONGSIDE.

Please enjoy this Soap Bar Starter Kit we specially prepared for you.
Each kit contains a handcrafted vegan soap bar (Lavender Oatmeal / Turmeric Sunrise)
handcrafted from scratch with natural ingredients,
bundled together with an ergonomic soap dish - Avant Garde that helps each bar last longer.

The bars are suitable even for sensitive skin and friendly for our planet. 
Click on links above to check on the ingredients.

Use 'HH10' to enjoy 10% off soap bars and accessories at
Promo code is valid for one month until 07 Jan 2024. Applicable storewide except for soap bar subscription and preorders.

my naked bar

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Our Values

The label was founded with the goal of growing a community with a low waste mindset. To keep ourselves grounded, we are guided by 4 values to stay true to our roots.

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Our Collections

We aim for inclusivity in our soap bars such that anyone who wants to try a good soap bar can find one that's suitable. So our collections range from eczema/psoriasis friendly, deep cleansing clay bars, youth radiating bars to even bars for the kitchen and laundry room.



By default, our soap bars come in clean milk/juice cartons contributed by the community and upcycled by us into soap packaging and gift boxes.

Besides reducing packaging waste, we hope every bar that goes out ripples out a message for our planet that low waste living can start small by anyone and anywhere.

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User Tips

Cold process soap bars are different from commercial soaps most of us are familiar with. So if this is your first experience with a cold process bar, we've consolidated all the tips to help you enjoy your bar longer and make the most out of it.

my naked bar Eczema Friendly Soap Bar Collection.jpg

Cold Process Soaps

This soap bar is handcrafted using the traditional cold process method and cured for a minimum of 4 weeks. Glycerin is produced naturally which helps keep the skin soft and supple after use. Each bar is formulated with nourishing plant based oils and suitable even for friends with sensitive or eczema prone skin.

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How does the climate crisis affect us? Besides the punishing heat waves that Singapore is experiencing more frequently and the flash floods, our one and only landfill will be maxed out the next rabbit year. Where will our trash go afterwards? And what can we do as an individual?

Welcome to the family of my naked bar and possibly the start of a beautiful journey
of self care and sustainability through natural bar soaps.

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