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No Gum Just Soap

A brief departure from our usual

#soapsinmilkcartons to

craft a truly Singapore soap.


A playful take on the no gum rule

on the sunny island of Singapore

also known as the Garden City.

A fun and useful souvenir to

share with your friends and family.

No Gum Just Soap Petite Gifting Soap Bar


Sale of Chewing Gums was prohibited in Singapore since 1992 but you can still bring them into Singapore in small quantities for personal use and you won't be fined as long as you dispose of them properly.               

My Naked Bar No Gump Just Soap 6 Bar Gifting Bundle

This is a fun souvenir for all your friends back home

to share a piece of this garden city you visited.

This gifting bundle consists 6 petite cold process bars

handcrafted from scratch and scented with Spearmint essential oil

for your easy gifting

Each bar is wrapped as such to remind us of

the sweet treat that is so familiar to many

but you can't buy in Singapore.

A fun yet meaningful gift that is nourishing to your skin.

Practical, low waste gifting.

Available at Discover SG Transit shops in Singapore Changi Airport

this Apr - Jun 2023.

In case you are curious...

Here's more background around why this popular sweet treat was banned from being sold in Singapore. From this link, you'll also be able to read up more about Singapore's history from 1299 to see how it transformed into the Global City today. 

Despite being a small island with limited natural resources, Singapore grew from a fishing village to the beautiful, prosperous city. This seemingly impossible task is made possible through the hard work of a pioneer generation and

the foresight and hard decisions by great leaders of the nation.

The ban of chewing gum was no doubt an unpopular decision during the early days but a good call to contribute to the clean, green and fine city we are today. 

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