Updated: Aug 31

An entire blog on soap dish? Is it important enough to garner an article on its own? Well for a small soap-maker making bar soaps to save our planet, very important. As a good soap dish is instrumental to help extend the use of every bar of soap, especially a good bar of handmade cold process soap.

Why so? Cos unlike commercial bars, cold process soaps soften and melt if allowed to soak in a pool of water. Which often happens on soap dishes that have no (til today we don’t understand why), few or small drainage holes.

So the #1 rule to enjoy every bar of cold process soaps longer is less water - during use and also allowing it to completely dry out before the next shower.

Precious oils and ingredients go into every bar so for a bar to melt into bubble water is a horrendous thought for me. Which explains my long list of requirements to check off when I hunt for a good soap dish.

What are these requirements of a good soap dish?

Good Drainage

Enough explained, this is the non-negotiable requirement. Period.