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Originally formulated as a postpartum soap bar, our Ginger Bliss is crafted with fresh Bentong Ginger juice, grated Bentong Ginger and organic ginger powder. This is not just the well loved soap bar for mummies on confinement, this is the favourite soap bar for all ginger lovers, and friends looking for skin clarity.


GINGER BLISS Soap Bar. Perfect as a "mother shower" postpartum confinement gift. What's more, ginger with its high content of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties are said to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and possibly lighten scars.


PAMPER the new mummy with the self care she TOTALLY needs and deserves.


Formulated with "Triple Ginger" - Pure Young Ginger Juice, Grated Ginger, Organic Ginger Powder, Cocoa Butter and Maple Syrup. Unscented. The modern day ginger bath for confinement mummies that comes unscented so the mummies can breastfeed their babies with total peace of mind. 


Since centuries ago, new mothers go through postpartum practices for 30 days or more where they are not allowed to shower to prevent cold air from "entering" their body. In today's day and age, not many follow this practice anymore (thankfully) but that doesn't mean they can't incorporate ginger into their modern shower routine for a "warm" shower which is believed to improve circulation and help dispel "wind" from the body. 


Besides ginger, the bar contains cocoa butter which is known for its ability penetrate into deeper layers of the skin dermis to aid with skin repair and minimising of stretch marks. Though unscented, you can catch a whiff of light chocolate scent because of the unrefined cocoa butter. The bar also contains maple syrup which is said to help with lightening of dark spots like stretch mark and pigmentation in addition to tightening of the skin. Not only that, maple syrup helps to add more luxurious bubbles to let the mummy fully wind down during her precious me-time during the showers.


Cos when a baby is born, so is a mother. And every mother deserves the same love and care after her bundle of joy is delivered.



Daily use on body.


Skin Types:

All skin types


Packaging Info:

All soap bars in the same order are packed together in a single upcycled milk carton. If you'd like specific bars to be packed individually/in pairs in separate milk cartons or in cellophane bags, please share requirements for gift packing and choose a gift tag.


To enjoy your soaps with breeze and help your bars last longer, consider checking out our soap accessories collection of Avant Garde soap dish or carbonised bamboo soap dish if you or your recipient don't already own a soap dish or bag suitable for cold process bar soap use.


Use the following promo codes if you are adding on a bamboo soap dish.


Bamboo Soap Dish

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Ginger Bliss Postpartum Friendly Soap Bar for Ginger Lovers

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I love how easy it is to work up a good lather! This soap formulation helps to sooth my sensitive skin, and I will definitely buy more for personal use and for gifting! :)

via Etsy

My first time using a cold pressed (process) soap after having eczema ! First wash, my skin soften and have been using for 6 days, My skin didn’t crack or dry when using the soap unlike commercial soap ( which dry my eczema very badly )! Will definitely purchase again (:


via Etsy

Hi mynakedbar! Just want to tell you how well your cucumber aloe soap has worked for me. I tend to have heat rash around my knee back on hotter months like now. Even snake powder doesn't work for me and some times I need to get steroidal cream from doctor. Your soap has totally solved the problem as it calms the flare up areas so much! Thank you!!


via Instagram DM

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@mynakedbar soaps are bare of:
- Paraben
- Palm
- Preservatives
- Alcohol
- Synthetic fragrance
- Artificial colouring
- Animal Cruelty

- All unnecessary Packaging

Handcrafted, hand poured and hand cut in Singapore.
Every piece is unique and comes with a sustainable message.

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Life Span

Our soap bars lather easily and do not require a lot of water to activate the lather. To enjoy every bare longer:

1. Use just enough water to lather.
2. Air dry the bar well between showers with a well designed soap dish.

Shelf Life

Before use, keep the bar away from direct sunlight in a cool and dry environment.


As our bars are crafted with natural ingredients and scented only with 100% natural essential oils, they are best enjoyed within 6 months of purchase for the full experience.


While the scent may not last as long as soaps scented with synthetic fragrance, the lathering experience that the bar

offers continues to improve as you keep it over time. As long

as the bars do not smell bad, they can be used even beyond 2 years.

Allergy Concerns

@mynakedbar soaps contain tree nuts like sweet almond oil.
For any allergy concerns, please check the ingredient list, perform a patch test and/or consult your doctor prior to use.

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Flat rate of S$3.20 regardless of volume

2-5 working days

Free Shipping for Orders above S$50



Flat rate of S$5.00 regardless of volume

5-10 working days


All soaps are shipped almost package free in upcycled milk / juice / reused cartons contributed by the community. For gifting, please consider using existing materials you own. Alternatively, less waste ready-to-go gift packaging is available on a separate listing at a nominal cost.


We welcome custom orders of 10 bars and above.

As Cold Process soaps are handcrafted in small batches and require a minimum of 4-6 weeks of curing before they can be sold or used, please contact us at with your requirements a minimum of 2 months in advance.


Due to hygiene considerations, we do not accept returns of soaps.
If there are any concerns with your purchase, please reach out to us at


@mynakedbar, we hope to play our little part in advocating a less waste lifestyle and to open up more people to the goodness of all-natural cold process bars.

We are open to discuss possible collaboration with any like-minded businesses, small or big.

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