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Why Bar Soap is Better?

In the modern world today, bar soaps are looked upon as being old fashioned. Yet more and more people, especially the younger generation are turning to it. Why is that so?

1. Lower Carbon Footprint

According to a Swiss study conducted at the Institute of Environmental Engineering, liquid soaps have a 25 per cent larger carbon footprint than bar soaps. It not only takes more raw materials and energy to produce liquid soaps, they are heavier to transport since they are largely made up of water.

At My Naked Bar, our soaps are handcrafted locally in Singapore on demand in small batches, with much less ingredients, yet just as effective.

2. Less Packaging Waste

Typically, liquid soaps are packaged in plastic bottles, which not only contribute to the global plastic waste crisis but also result in a larger carbon footprint at production. In contrast, bar soaps generate minimal packaging waste and sometimes none at all.

At My Naked Bar, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously by collecting used but clean milk and juice cartons from the community, and upcycling them into our primary soap packaging.These repurposed cartons serve as protective coverings for our soap bars during delivery and provide added protection at our pop-up events and booths.

(Psssst…If you're interested in contributing to this eco-friendly movement and learning more about how you can help, please visit our dedicated page here. Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment.)

3. More Efficient and Lower Waste during Usage

According to a study by American Chemical Society, a regular 30 second hand wash consumes on average just 0.35 grams of bar soap - compared to one pump of 2.3 grams of liquid soap which is 6 times more! So as long as you are able to limit the water used on bar soaps (they really lather quite easily), and keep them dry in between use, the choice of bar soaps may even be more economical!

Check out our Avant-Garde Soap Dish to help you make your bar last longer.

4. Ideal for All Skin Types (especially Sensitive Skin)

If you have ever taken a glance at the ingredient list on the back of your shower gel bottles, you'd likely be confronted with a seemingly endless array of chemicals and additives in complex scientific terms that you can barely read. They may not be necessarily bad, yet with such a long list, the chances of something not agreeing with your skin increases.

In contrast, the ingredient list of most cold process bar soaps is a lot simpler and shorter. We believe less is more. In our case, My Naked Bar soaps consist of only nourishing plant-based oils and additives such as pure essential oils and natural additives. And as a bonus, glycerin is naturally formed when our soap bars are produced and left intact in every bar. It is the ‘gem’ within the soaps that act as a humectant to draw moisture from the environment to our skin, keeping it supple and smooth.

As such, they are well-suited for all users and are especially beneficial for the delicate needs of sensitive skin.

Since individual needs and preferences are different, we have gone the extra mile to craft a wide collection of soaps specifically designed with our eczema and psoriasis customers in mind. Explore these specially formulated products here.

So, what’s the verdict?

Bar soaps undeniably take the crown when it comes to gentle cleansing with a purpose. Not only do they offer superior benefits for your skin compared to liquid soap, they also empower you to maximize the value of your purchase and embrace a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Ready to make a positive change for your skin, your wallet, and the environment? Make the switch today and browse our extensive range of soaps to find one that will meet your skincare needs!

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